• Bahzad M.Taher Khaled University of Duhok/ College of Agricultural Engineering of Sciences
  • Dereen JM Albeyboni University of Duhok, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences
  • Bayan Hazim Ahmed University of Duhok, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences
  • Ghariba Y. Haji University of Duhok, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences
  • Sami MA Youssef University of Duhok, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences



Air Quality, Noise Pollution, Artificial Intelligence, Urban Area


Air pollution is becoming a serious challenge in thickly populated areas in the world. The air pollution in Kurdistan region is clearly noticed, especially in areas where pollution sources and human population are concentrated. Urbanization and economic growth are proceeding at a rapid pace, accompanied by increasing emissions of a mixture of greenhouse gases especially from transporting sector, that positively contribute to accelerate climate change around the globe, and also have impacts on public health and vegetation. In order to decrease the effects that caused by atmospheric pollution, suitable monitoring systems are urgently needed that can rapidly and reliably detect and quantify polluting sources and concentration for monitoring by local authorities in order to restrain more damage of the current pollution levels. In this study, GIS with portable gas detector (K-60 IV) KELISAIKE safety equipment, China, have been used to assess the status of NOx, VOCs and noise pollution at 54 randomly selected urban locations of Duhok city. The measurements were taken during the week and weekend days started from 9 am until 4 pm. The results showed that there is a variation in the values of the three variables NOx, VOCs and noise, where the highest values recorded during working days in the locations distributed along the highway and the city center with heavy traffic load and dense human population in comparison to lowest values obtained during weekend days in locations distributed outskirt of the city with lower population and traffic loads. Therefore, likely such connections exist between the urban traffic density and  low air pollution quality within urban locations around Duhok city.


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