Science Journal of University of Zakho 


First floor, Presidency building,
University of Zakho,
International road Zakho, 
Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Principal Contact

Hariwan Zikri Ibrahim earned his Ph.D. from the Department of MathematicsFaculty of Science of the University of Zakho . He is currently a staff member at the Faculty of EducationUniversity of Zakho, Duhok, Kurdistan Region-Iraq. His research interests include the area of General Topology. 

Mobile #: +9647518087314

Office Team

Masoud Muhammed Hassan (Journal Secretary) holds PhD degree in Statistics from the University of Sheffieeld, England/UK. He is a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University of Zakho. He received his BSc degree in Statistics from Salahaddin University and MSc degree in Statistics and Informatics from the University of Musol. His research interest includes Bayesian Statistical Modelling, Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


Mobile #: +9647504578082



Ivan H. Murad (Journal English ProofReader) is a faculty member of the Department of English Language, Faculty of Humanities, University of Zakho. He received his BA in English language and literature studies in 2009 and in 2012 he finished his Master's Degree in TESOL at Huddersfield University, England, UK. Mr. Murad is a member of the Scientific Committee of the English Department and also a member of the Academic Title committee of the University of Zakho. He has reviewed and proofread a number of local and international academic articles published in some distinguished journals worldwide. 



Site Administrator and Technical Supporter

Karwan Jacksi has B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Duhok, M.Sc in Computer Science from Uppsala University, and Ph.D. in Computer Science with a split-site program between University of Zakho and Eastern Mediterranean University -Cyprus. He is a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University of Zakho. In addition, he currently works as a Vice Presedent for Student Affairs at the University of Zakho