Neurotoxicity of Uranyl Acetate in Male Rats

  • Falah M. Aziz University of Salahaddin
  • Nadhum J. Ismael University of Salahaddin
Keywords: Cerebellum, Cerebrum, Purkinje cells, uranyl acetate


The present investigation included the neurotoxic effect of different doses of uranyl acetate in male rats. Routine light and electron microscopic techniques were used in this study. The histological studies of cerebellum and cerebrum showed a significant increase of died and decrease of healthy pyramidal cells in the 3rd layer of cerebrum and Purkinje cells in the cerebellum. This may indicate the passage of uranium across the blood brain barrier or disruption of this barrier due to uranium exposure..

Author Biographies

Falah M. Aziz, University of Salahaddin

Salahaddin University, College of Science, Biology Dept. , Erbil, Kurdistan Region -Iraq.

Nadhum J. Ismael, University of Salahaddin

Salahaddin University, College of Science, Biology Dept. ,Erbil, Kurdistan Region – Iraq.


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