Studying of the Potential Curves of Ground State of Diatomic Molecule Using Two Functions.

  • Asma S. Atiah Al-Iraqia University
  • Muhaj T. Abdullah University of Zakho
Keywords: Diatomic, Morse function, Varshini function, potential curve


Diatomic molecules have been studied theoretically for ground state X2Π of (CH,CO,LuF,HBr) free radicals . It had been constructed dissociation energy using potential curves for the ground state by using Morse and Varshini functions to calculate potential curve for each molecule; compared between the results and experimental values had obtained. The results have good agreement with experimental results. Finding that Varshini function approximate with experimental values more than Morse function does. 

Author Biographies

Asma S. Atiah, Al-Iraqia University

Department of Human Physiology and Medical Physics, Collage of Medicine, Al-Iraqia University, Iraq.

Muhaj T. Abdullah, University of Zakho

Department of Physics, Faculty of pure science, University of Zakho, Kurdistan Region – Iraq.


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