Flow Injection Atomic Absorption Spectrometry in Solution for Determination of Mercury

  • Sirwan Shawket University of Salahaddin
Keywords: Mercury, Flow injection analysis, Stopped and merging zone technique, Atomic absorption in solution


A stopped-flow injection and the merging zone stopped-flow injection technique used for cold atomization with atomic absorption spectrophotometric determination of mercury in solution by reaction with sodium borohydride as reducing agent. All the flow-injection and chemical variables affecting the sensitivity and peak profile are optimized. The atomic absorption signal gave a linear range of 10-80 μgml-1 mercury for the first FIA-manifold by injection 50μl sample with a correlation coefficient of 0.994 and a low detection limit (50ng absolute) were observed. The relative standard deviation found was 1.68% with a sample throughput 75 sample h-1. The second FIA- manifold illustrate a determining of mercury in the range 2-50 μgml-1 with a correlation coefficient of 0.9992. A low detection limit (5ng absolute), good precision (1.99% relative) and a sampling rate of up to 60 samples h-1 were obtained. The method developed is highly selective and relatively simple.

Author Biography

Sirwan Shawket, University of Salahaddin

Chemistry Department, College of Education, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Kurdistan Region – Iraq.


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