Reaction of Potassium Tellurocyanate with 2-Chloroethanol

  • Wasfi A. Al-Masoudi University of Basrah
Keywords: Potassium tellurocyanate, 2-Chloroethanol, Cyclic telluride, Cyclization


Reaction of 2-chloroethanol with potassium tellurocyanate gave a new heterocycle namely 1,3-oxatellura-2-imine 1  in a good yield.  Halogenation of organotelluride 1  with SOCl2, bromine and iodine gave dichloro, dibromo and diiodo organic tellurium compounds, Treatment of 1 with alkyl halides gave new organic tellurium compounds.  Hydrolysis of 1 afforded a new cyclic telluride. All the new synthesized compounds were characterized by elemental analysis (CHN), IR, 1H and 13C NMR  spectra

Author Biography

Wasfi A. Al-Masoudi, University of Basrah

Department of Physiology and Chemistry, College of Veterinary, University of Barsah, Basrah, Iraq


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