Synthesis of Some Polydiactylene Esters

  • Mohammad S. Al-Ajely University of Mosul
  • Ammar A. Qasim University of Mosul
Keywords: Polydiactylene, ester


Some diacetylene ester  compounds(1-13) were prepared using the well known coupling procedures. These diacetylenes monomers were polymerized by the topochenical process using UV irradiation. The  resulted  polymers (14-26) were found to be insoluble in all common organic solvents. The monomers were identified by IR,NMR and Mass measurements while the polymers were identified depending on their physical changes(due to insolubility ) and the identification of their oligomers by Mass and NMR measurments.

Author Biographies

Mohammad S. Al-Ajely, University of Mosul

Dept of Chemistry, College of Education, Mosul University-Iraq

Ammar A. Qasim, University of Mosul

Dept of Pure Science, College of Dentistry, Mosul University-Iraq


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