Implications of Palynological and cytological Data for Distinguishing Salix L. Species in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

  • Saleem I. Shahbaz University of Duhok
  • Shamiran S. Abdulrahman University of Zakho
Keywords: The


Palynological and chromosomal characters were systematically used to compare between species of Salix growing in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The investigation revealed that pollen colpi length, exine thickness and surface sculpturing contribute none significantly in species delimitation, while size and shape classes of Erdtman (1945, 1971) respectively, in addition to the occurrence of Parasyncolpate pollen grains are highly valuable characters for distinguishing of the species. The chromosome counting of the pollen grain mother cells was 2n=38 for S. acmophylla and S. purpurea, while 2n=76 for tetraploids of S. alba, S. babylonica and S. aegyptiaca. According to the results of chromosome counting, S. acmophylla, which is closely related to S. alba is easily recognized by their differences in chromosome numbers.

Author Biographies

Saleem I. Shahbaz, University of Duhok

1Faculty of Agric. And Forestry, University of Duhok, Kurdistan – Region, Iraq.

Shamiran S. Abdulrahman, University of Zakho

Dept. of Biology, Faculty of Science/University of Zakho, Kurdistan – Region, Iraq.


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