Effect of Foliar Application of Magnesium on Growth, Yield, and Photosynthetic Pigments of Barley Plant

  • Zhian R. Salih University of Salahaddin
  • Rezheen H. A Ahmed University of Salahaddin
Keywords: foliar application, Magnesium, Barley, Yield, Photosynthetic pigments


The present study was done to assess the role of magnesium on growth and yields of Barley plant (Hordeum distichon L. Acsad 14). Foliar Mg applicated at concentration (0, 5, 10, 15, 20ppm) by using MgO and MgNO3. A randomized complete block design with three replication of each treatment was applied. The results showed that the vegetative growth parameters: shoot dry weight and flag leaf area were increased significantly at different stages of growth compared to untreated (control) groups. Mg treatments after 110 days caused significant increases in the number of spike and weight of spike compared to the control plants. Foliar Mg application significantly increased chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, total chlorophyll and carotenoids in the leaves. The highest increasing in all parameter were recorded with (10ppm) of MgO and (5ppm) of MgNO3. 

Author Biographies

Zhian R. Salih, University of Salahaddin

Dept. Of Biology, College of Education, Scientific departments, University of Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region – Iraq.

Rezheen H. A Ahmed, University of Salahaddin

Dept. Of Biology, College of Education, Scientific departments, University of Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region – Iraq.


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